Sen. Lewis has filed the following bills to address education issues:

  • An Act to promote municipal fiscal stability through a special education stabilization fund: This bill would allow for municipalities to create stabilization funds for special education costs.
  • An Act to strengthen the evaluation process for proposed new charter schools:  This bill would require the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to consider the effects that a new charter school would have on the students in the municipality’s district schools.
  • An Act to strengthen charter school data reporting: This bill would require all school districts to send information on the special education student achievement gaps and English as a Second Language (“ESL”) student achievement gaps to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (“DESE”) as part of the 3 year district improvement plan. The 3 year district improvement plan schools would be required to be categorized by sending district.
  • An Act relative to equity in education funding: This legislation codifies the ceiling that has been in place in the Chapter 70 education funding formula since FY07 so that no community is required to contribute more than 82.5% of their foundation budget.
  • An Act to require disclosure of conflicts of interest in academic institutions: This legislation will ensure that academic institutions have adopted policies relative to disclosure of potential financial conflicts of interest that may arise in relationships between academic staff and corporations or other outside institutions.


You can see a full list of the legislation Senator Lewis has filed or co-sponsored here.