Sen. Lewis has filed the following bills to address healthcare and human services issues:

  • An Act to ensure a public health option: This bill creates a public health insurance agency to compete with private insurers in order to offer consumers more choice, increase competition and encourage insurance companies to cooperate, share information, and reduce costs.  By reducing overhead and administrative costs, a public option plan will provide more affordable health insurance for consumers.
  • An Act to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in the Commonwealth: This bill establishes a permanent Office of Health Equity in the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to focus on the reduction of health disparities throughout the Commonwealth.
  • An Act to keep people healthy by removing barriers to cost-effective care: This bill establishes a state panel of experts to recommend high-value and cost-effective services, treatments, and prescription drugs that would not be subject to cost sharing under all fully-insured health plans, including MassHealth and commercial insurance.
  • An Act establishing the special commission on local and regional public health: This bill establishes a special commission that will assess the effectiveness and efficiency of municipal and regional public health systems in Massachusetts and to make recommendations to strengthen the delivery of public health services and preventive measures.
  • An Act to eliminate the tax deduction for direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical marketing: This bill disallows pharmaceutical company direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs as a tax deduction under Massachusetts law for the purposes of calculating ordinary and necessary business expenses.
  • An Act to enhance education at slot parlors and casinos: This bill would require casinos and slot parlors to affix labels in the front of slot machines informing gamers that the machine is addictive, and share the hotline phone number.
  • An Act to reduce healthcare costs by promoting non-biased prescriber education: This bill would establish an independent and sustainable funding mechanism for Massachusetts’ academic detailing program. Academic detailing provides evidence-based, non-biased information on pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices to healthcare professionals, thereby supporting patient health and reducing healthcare costs.
  • An Act to define modest meals and refreshments in precriber education settings: This bill defines modest meals and refreshments that pharmaceutical and medical device companies may purchase for prescribers during educational sessions outside of the provider setting.
  • An Act relative to Health Policy Commission oversight of insurer transactions: This bill would widen the scope of the Health Policy Commissions by allowing them look into health insurer mergers.
  • An Act to expand veterans survivor benefits: Currently, financial scholarships are provided to the children of veterans, killed or missing in action, who served in the Vietnam War. This bill would open up these financial scholarships to the families of all military personnel who are killed in action or missing in action.
  • An Act to waive motor vehicle registration fees for disabled veterans: This bill requires the Registry of Motor Vehicles to waive the vehicle registration fee for disabled veterans.


You can see a full list of the legislation Senator Lewis has filed or co-sponsored here.