Sen. Lewis has filed the following bills to address public safety issues:

  • An Act relative to forfeiture reporting: This bill would require public reporting about the assets and expenditures of special law enforcement trust funds, which are funded from civil asset forfeitures.
  • An Act relative to the collective bargaining rights for employees of the Committee on Public Counsel Services: This bill would allow employees of the Committee on Public Counsel Services the ability to unionize. These employees currently do not have that ability and are compensated the lowest out of 50 states when accounting for cost of living.
  • An Act relative to police training: This bill would allow for police training to be funded  by means of a surcharge imposed upon the policyholder of any private passenger automobile policy issued by any property and casualty insurance company writing motor vehicle insurance policies in the Commonwealth. A portion of these funds would be earmarked for mental health training.
  • An Act to protect the privacy of 911 callers: This bill would protect the privacy of 911 emergency dispatch callers by disallowing public access to recorded 911 calls without the express consent of the original caller.  Law enforcement would continue to have access to all of the necessary information.
  • An Act relative to prejudgment interest rates: This bill would modify current law which establishes prejudgment interest at a fixed rate of 12% to an interest rate based on the current treasury yield.
  • An Act relative to the regionalization of public safety services: Currently, municipalities may enter into agreements for emergency services which need to be approved by the Legislature via a bill. This bill would allow municipalities to enter into agreements for emergency services without having to file a piece of legislation. The respective Sheriff’s Offices would oversee these agreements and regional public safety organizations.
  • An Act providing protection from child enticement: This bill provides that no person shall knowingly entice any child who is or believed to be under the age of 16 to enter into any vehicle. This would not apply to a parent or guardian as well as individuals granted expressed or implied consent from the parent or guardian. This would also not apply to police, firefighters and other emergency services, and for bookmobiles.


You can see a full list of the legislation Senator Lewis has filed or co-sponsored here.