Wakefield Delegation Announces Passage of Wakefield Veterans Funds Bills

The Wakefield state legislative delegation, including Senator Jason Lewis and Representatives Paul Brodeur and Donald Wong, is pleased to announce that, in one of his last acts as Governor, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law two Wakefield home rule petitions.  The new laws allow for the creation of voluntary check-off boxes on municipal tax bills giving Wakefield taxpayers the option of donating directly to the “Wakefield Veterans Relief Fund” and the “Wakefield Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Celebration Fund.”

The Wakefield Veterans Relief Fund supports Wakefield military veterans and their dependents in need of immediate assistance, including, but not limited to, commercial food cards and heating and oil assistance.  The Wakefield Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Celebration Fund will help finance the creation and restoration of monuments and other activities in Wakefield that honor the contributions and sacrifices of Wakefield’s military veterans.

“Wakefield clearly appreciates their veterans and continually provides avenues of support that improve veteran quality of life,” said Ryan McLane, Director of Veteran Services for Melrose-Wakefield-Saugus.  “This is the type of measure that provides long-term sustainable support to our veterans, and we appreciate the hard work of the Wakefield Veterans Advisory Board and the legislative delegation in making this happen.”

“We can never do enough for our veterans,” said Stephen Maio, Wakefield Town Administrator.  “This legislation will allow all citizens to say ‘thank you for your service’ in a meaningful and convenient manner.  I am grateful for the support of our citizens and the hard work of our entire legislative delegation in securing this passage.”

“We are truly grateful for, and sincerely admire, the brave and selfless service of our military veterans,” said Senator Lewis.  “I am very happy that the signing of these bills into law will give the residents of Wakefield more opportunities to offer support for our veterans.”

“The residents of Wakefield have always been incredibly supportive of our veterans,” said Representative Brodeur.  “I know they will take this opportunity to generously support our veterans, and celebrate and honor their service through these funds.”

“It is with great pleasure to announce that we were able to pass the two Wakefield veterans bills,” said Representative Wong.  “I’m pleased to know that the residents of the Town of Wakefield will have the opportunity to show their appreciation for and give back to our veterans.”