Senator Jason Lewis Appointed Senate Chair of Legislature’s Public Health Committee

Senator Jason Lewis is very pleased to announce that he has been appointed by Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg to serve as the Senate Chair of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health for the 2015-2016 legislative term.

Senator Lewis brings experience leading the Public Health Committee.  When Senator Lewis served in the state House of Representatives, he served as House Vice Chair of the Public Health Committee from January of 2011 until his special election to the Senate in April 2014.  Senator Lewis also serves as Senate co-Chair of the Legislature’s Prevention for Health Caucus, which he helped found in 2011.

“I am enthusiastic to have the opportunity to help shape public policy at the committee level on a wide array of issues relating to public health,” said Senator Lewis.  “I look forward to continuing my work on containing healthcare costs and promoting healthy communities and disease prevention, as well as working on related issues of mental health and drug addiction.”

Senator Lewis’ legislative record includes a number of successes in the area of strengthening public health.  He led the effort to create a first-in-the-nation Prevention and Wellness Trust, which has allotted $60 million to community-based public health and wellness programs across the Commonwealth, aimed at reducing rates of preventable chronic diseases and lowering healthcare costs.

Senator Lewis also introduced legislation signed into law by Governor Patrick that ensures a sustainable and secure funding source is available so that all children in Massachusetts have access to all recommended immunizations.  Additionally, signed into law as part of a transportation bond bill, Senator Lewis’s proposal to create an Active Streets Certification Program was passed.  The program will provide $50 million in funding for local communities to help them implement complete streets design elements that promote increased physical activity and wellness, as well as support local businesses.

In addition to his role as Senate Chair of the Public Health Committee, Senator Lewis received his full slate of committee assignments.  He will serve as Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Steering and Policy, the influential committee that helps shape the state Senate’s agenda and advises the Senate President on legislative issues.  Senator Lewis will also serve as a member of the Joint Committees on Education; Labor and Workforce Development; and, Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities; as well as the Senate Post Audit and Oversight Committee.