Senator Jason Lewis and Rep. Michael Day to Take Part in “Gov On the T” Day at Winchester Center

With both legislators working to ensure that our public transportation systems are fully functional and offer satisfactory service for our region’s commuters, Senator Jason Lewis and Representative Michael Day will take part in the first annual “Gov On the T” Day at the Winchester Center commuter rail stop.

The “Gov On the T” Day effort, the website for which is, was implemented to draw attention to the need to properly address service failures with the MBTA.  Participating state legislators will take public transportation into Boston on March 19, the last day of winter, and will listen to concerns directly from commuters.

Senator Lewis and Representative Day will take the 312 train on the Lowell Line departing from Winchester Center at 8:52am and arriving at North Station at 9:10am.  Additionally, the legislators will arrive at the Winchester Center station at 8:15am to speak with commuters, and they encourage commuters to bring their questions and concerns regarding public transit or any other issue of concern.

“I share the frustration many of our neighbors feel about the service failures by the MBTA,” said Senator Lewis.  “Many in our region rely on MBTA commuter rail, subway, and bus service to get to work, to school, and around our communities. Chronic problems in our public transit systems harm our economic well-being, our public safety, our environment, and our quality of life.  I commend the organizers of ‘Gov On the T’ Day for creatively drawing more attention to this issue, and I pledge to continue working with my legislative colleagues on solutions that will address short-term needs and long-term necessities.”

“The reliability and performance of our public transportation system is essential to Stoneham and Winchester, and it failed us during last month’s snowstorms,” said Representative Day.  “I hope this event draws more public attention to the systemic problems the MBTA faces, which won’t go away once the snow melts.  I will be working with leaders in the State House and in the Administration towards solutions to these problems, and I encourage commuters and others to continue to share their stories and proposed solutions with me.”

Earlier this month, Senator Lewis, Representative Day, and several legislators representing communities north of Boston submitted a letter to the MBTA and Keolis Commuter Services calling attention to the inadequate commuter rail service along the Haverhill and Lowell lines.  The letter can be found online at: