Senator Jason Lewis Joins Fair Skies Caucus to Address Airplane Noise and Pollution

Senator Jason Lewis has joined the recently created Fair Skies Caucus of the Massachusetts Legislature. The objective of the Fair Skies Caucus is to bring together Senators and Representatives whose districts are affected by airplane noise and pollution to find meaningful solutions to the problem. The Caucus will collaborate with members of the Massport Community Advisory Committee in order to optimize advocacy for those communities that are impacted by overflights from Logan Airport, Worcester Airport, and Hanscom Field.

The caucus, formed just last month, aims to encourage bipartisan and bicameral collaboration on relevant legislation and budget matters, and will unite the advocacy efforts of its individual members in order to more effectively collaborate with Massport and other agencies.

“Heightened concerns regarding airplane noise and frequency were shared over the summer by constituents as Logan Airport undertook runway repairs that led to alterations in flight paths, which led to increased noise impacting our communities,” noted Senator Jason Lewis. “Unique situations like that, as well as the issue of airplane noise in general, affect people’s quality of life in our region and require greater communication between Massport and the public. I expect that the Fair Skies Caucus will serve as a mechanism to enhance that communication, to strengthen advocacy on behalf of our region’s residents, and to achieve solutions to these concerns.”

In addition to creating a forum for legislators to work jointly on issues pertaining to airplane noise, the caucus will allow for increased collaboration with members of the Massport Community Advisory Committee (Massport CAC). The Massport CAC, comprised of representatives from 35 communities, serves as the voice of communities affected by Massport operations. People can learn more about the operations of the Massport CAC, as well as issues of airplane noise and related topics, at

By optimizing advocacy efforts through the Fair Skies Caucus, legislators will work collaboratively to find meaningful solutions to an issue affecting communities across the Commonwealth.