Senator Lewis Supports Passage of Budget Bill Investing in Local Priorities

BOSTON, MA – The Massachusetts Legislature passed a budget bill which invests in local community priorities, such as school security, road and bridge repairs, and municipal snow and ice removal relief, in addition to responsibly contributing to the state’s “rainy day” stabilization fund and supporting other fiscal and policy priorities. Senator Jason Lewis supported the legislation’s passage.

“The budget bill will support our towns and cities with essential funding for local road repairs and school security, delivering the support that our communities need from the state” said Senator Jason Lewis. “At the same time, the bill invests substantially in our rainy day fund to make sure that our state is prepared to meet any future economic downturn without interruptions to crucial state services and programs.”

The supplemental budget includes $40 million in Chapter 90 funding for roads and bridges, and $32 million for snow and ice removal.

The budget bill directs $7.5 million to the Executive Office of Education to establish an infrastructure grant program to assist public schools in enhancing safety and security measures by upgrading or retrofitting school buildings. The program would pay for, among other things, classroom door locks, security cameras or active shooter detection systems. The grant funding will also assist school districts in contracting with licensed community-based mental and behavioral health service providers for services in public schools.

The supplemental budget also deposits $240 million into the state “rainy day” stabilization fund, pushing that account’s balance past $2 billion and leaving the Commonwealth better prepared for any future economic downturn or major revenue loss.

The supplemental budget bill is on Governor Baker’s desk awaiting his signature.