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Senator Jason Lewis to Host Forum on Energy and Environmental Priorities

Continuing his “Community Conversations” issue discussions, Senator Jason Lewis is excited to announce the fourth forum in the series, which will focus on exploring the future of energy policy and the environment in the Commonwealth and in our cities and towns.  “Community Conversations” are issue discussions that are being held in each community of the […]

Column: The Contributions of Immigrant Entrepreneurs

I participated recently in a fascinating event organized by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and the Immigrant Learning Center.  Entitled “Immigrant Entrepreneurs Revitalizing Malden,” it was a walking tour of the City of Malden’s downtown, featuring stories shared by immigrant small business owners as we moved from shop to shop. I was struck by the […]

Column: An Economy that Works for Everyone

With Labor Day having just passed, we are afforded an opportunity to reflect on the state of our economy and ask important questions about whether it is truly working for all of our families. I’m very pleased that we have taken some steps recently to improve the economic quality of life for people across the […]

Column: The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Physician and educator Maria Montessori said, “Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”  One of the proven ways to maximize the potential of our youth is through high quality early childhood education.  With back-to-school just around the corner, this is a good time to consider the progress we have made, […]

Statement of Senator Jason Lewis on Governor Baker’s Announcement Pertaining to Public Records Requests

I commend Governor Charlie Baker on his efforts to improve compliance with the state’s existing public records law.  It is simply unacceptable that the media and ordinary citizens should face unreasonable delays and high fees to gain access to information that rightly belongs in the public domain.  The Governor’s executive order represents positive action toward […]

Senator Lewis Announces Successful Overrides of Vetoes for Local and Regional Priorities

Senator Jason Lewis is pleased to announce that gubernatorial vetoes of funding for numerous priorities that are important to our communities have been overridden in the Massachusetts legislature, ensuring that funds for these priorities will be included in the Fiscal Year 2016 state budget.  The state budget remains in balance and fiscally responsible. Among the […]

Column: The Stone Zoo: A Regional Institution

At a recent meeting, while discussing the topic of strengthening municipal economies, Massachusetts’ Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Jay Ash noted that communities “need to figure out their asset.”  In other words, what qualities, resources, or institutions does a community or region have that make it unique and attractive to families, businesses, tourists, and […]

Senator Jason Lewis Supports Passage of Senate Climate Change Adaptation Legislation

Recognizing the need to establish a long-term, comprehensive adaptation management action plan to address the consequences of climate change in the Commonwealth, the Massachusetts Senate passed legislation that would establish an adaptation management action plan through a collaboration led by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and the Executive Office of Public Safety […]

Column: Supreme Court Decisions with Local Roots

The Supreme Court recently issued two momentous rulings defending marriage equality and health care reform.  The decision on marriage equality affirmed that gay and lesbian Americans should not be treated as second-class citizens.  The decision on health care reform protected an estimated 6.4 million Americans from losing their health insurance and prevented chaos in the […]