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Column: Supporting Our Local Public Libraries

Astronomer Carl Sagan once said: “The health of our civilization, the depth of our awareness about the underpinnings of our culture, and our concern for the future can all be tested by how well we support our libraries.”  I think that notion is exactly right.  Our public libraries provide so much to our communities and […]

Legislature Passes Solar Energy Bill, Lifts Net Metering Cap

The Massachusetts Legislature passed legislation that raises the solar net-metering cap and creates a long-term roadmap for the continued growth of solar power in the Commonwealth.  These updates will provide a stable framework that will better protect the Commonwealth’s ratepayers while supporting the growth of the solar industry in a cost-effective manner. The legislation raises […]

Senate Passes Consumer Protection Bills Regarding Loans

The Massachusetts Senate recently passed consumer protection bills regarding loans taken out in Massachusetts including Senate Bill 175, “An Act Relative to Unsolicited Loans,” and Senate Bill 2184, “An Act Establishing Uniform Financial Aid Shopping Sheets.”  The former seeks to protect consumers from unknowingly entering a credit contract and to limit instances of fraud resulting […]

Legislature Passes Substance Addiction Bill to Enhance Care and Prevention

The Massachusetts Legislature passed substance addiction legislation that enhances intervention, prevention, and education efforts, including the creation of a framework to evaluate and treat patients who present in emergency rooms with an apparent overdose. This new practice, which will be covered by insurance, is designed to ensure the proper assessment and discharge of patients who […]

Marijuana Policy in the Commonwealth

A year ago, under the leadership of President Stan Rosenberg, the Massachusetts Senate created a Special Committee on Marijuana. The impetus for launching this effort was the expectation – now a virtual certainty – that a ballot question to legalize recreational marijuana would be before the voters of Massachusetts in November, 2016. Massachusetts voters have […]

The Special Senate Committee on Marijuana Releases Its Official Report

Chairman Jason Lewis and the Special Senate Committee on Marijuana today released the Report of the Special Senate Committee on Marijuana, a thorough review of current marijuana laws in Massachusetts and an objective analysis of the many public policy considerations in which lawmakers will need to engage if Massachusetts were to legalize the adult recreational […]

Joint Committee on Public Health Releases Omnibus Tobacco Bill

Co-Chairs Senator Jason Lewis and Representative Kate Hogan announced on Thursday that the Joint Committee on Public Health has released S. 2152, An Act to Protect Youth from The Health Risks of Tobacco and Nicotine Addiction, an omnibus bill that seeks to reduce tobacco use and nicotine addiction among youth.  Among other provisions, the legislation […]

Column: Public Records Reform Necessary for Our Democracy

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis declared, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.”  A dynamic public records law helps shine the sunlight to which Justice Brandeis referred on the workings of our government, increasing transparency and empowering the citizens of Massachusetts in their efforts to hold their government accountable.  This value is at […]

Senate Passes Public Records Reform Bill Sponsored By Senator Jason Lewis

The Massachusetts State Senate this week unanimously passed legislation reforming how the state handles public records.  The legislation, originally sponsored by Senator Jason Lewis, is the first update to the public records law since the early 1970’s. The legislation will reduce costs for those requesting public records, as well as ensure timely compliance with public […]

Senate Passes Pay Equity Legislation with Support of Senator Jason Lewis

The Massachusetts Senate passed legislation this week to strengthen the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act to further close the wage gap between male and female workers in the Commonwealth.  The bill seeks to bridge the wage gap by ensuring equal pay for comparable work, establishing pay transparency, and requiring fairness in hiring practices. According to the […]