Jobs and the Economy

  • Jason knows that investing in our workforce is the surest way to have an economy in which everyone can thrive.
  • Jason is the lead sponsor of legislation that would require workers to be provided with reasonable earned sick time/paid sick leave, which allows parents to care for sick children, promotes public health by reducing the spread of disease, and increases job stability.
  • Jason supports an increase in the minimum wage to at least $11/hr and indexes it to inflation.
  • Jason opposes any effort to reduce unemployment benefits.
  • Jason believes in equal pay for women as a vital right and economic necessity and is a co-sponsor of the bill regarding equal pay for equal work in the state legislature.
  • Jason understands the importance of job training in order to prepare workers for a 21st Century economy.
  • Jason recognizes the value of unions and will work to protect collective bargaining rights.



  • Jason believes all students should have access to a high quality public education, including early childhood education, higher education, and adult continuing education.
  • Jason is a lead sponsor of legislation to review and update the state education funding formula (Chapter 70) to make it more adequate and equitable for all communities and all students.
  • Jason believes in having comprehensive universal pre-K available for all children, in order to provide the best possible start to all children so that they may succeed in school.
  • Jason believes that the state should meet its commitment of providing a minimum level of state funding to K-12 public education, which would immediately increase education funding for communities such as Stoneham and Wakefield.
  • Jason understands the value of ensuring that all students with disabilities are provided with the resources they need to have access to our strong public education system.



  • Jason believes that healthcare is a right and that all residents deserve access to the Commonwealth’s high quality healthcare system.
  • Jason is the lead sponsor of the single payer healthcare bill in Massachusetts.
  • Jason understands the necessity of focusing on preventing chronic diseases and promoting public health through community based interventions and more access to primary care.
  • Jason successfully introduced a first-in-the-nation Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund that will provide $60million in funding over four years for community-based public health interventions.



  • Jason believes the Commonwealth needs a more progressive tax system to ensure that the very wealthy and big corporations pay more of their fair share.
  • Jason supports a Constitutional amendment to create a progressive income tax in Massachusetts.  Short of this, he is a supporter of An Act to Invest in Our Communities, which would raise the income tax while increasing the personal exemption so that low-income families would not see an increase in their taxes.


Individual Rights

  • Jason believes all individuals should be treated with dignity and respect and should have full equal protections before the law.
  • Jason supports equal marriage rights and the rights of all families to receive full state and federal benefits.
  • Jason was a strong and active supporter of the transgender equal rights bill, and believes this law needs to be expanded to include protections for individuals in public accommodations.
  • Jason is pro-choice and believes the state needs to protect the dignity of women and families in their personal health choices.
  • In order to protect free speech and association for all, Jason has sought to limit unnecessary and intrusive data gathering.



  • Jason believes that we need to have a robust, safe, and modern public transportation system that is adequately funded.
  • Jason will continue to advocate for funds to upgrade regional transportation infrastructure.



  • Jason believes that climate change is a massive challenge facing us and that dramatic and sustained action is needed to prevent further global warming and to prepare for its effects.
  • Jason supports investments in clean and renewable energy as well as energy conservation in order to create green jobs in Massachusetts and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Jason is the lead sponsor of legislation that takes a comprehensive approach to reducing solid waste and increasing recycling in our communities.
  • Jason supports updating the bottle bill, requiring producer responsibility for e-waste recycling and disposal, phasing out the use of coal in Massachusetts, and finding safer alternatives to toxic chemicals in our communities.


Gun Control

  • Jason knows that even though Massachusetts has some of the strongest gun control laws in the country, too many of our communities are still plagued with gun violence. We can and must do more to prevent this violence and make our communities safer.
  • A blue ribbon task force just recently released a report that outlined 44 recommendations to reduce gun violence. Jason would support many of them, including: better defined and more consistent suitability standards for the issuance of a firearms licenses; all sales of guns should be through licensed dealers; firearms safety courses should be strengthened and require a live fire component; and Massachusetts should be in compliance with the National Instant Background Check System.
  • Jason believes we should give the Secretary of Public Safety the ability to add copycat weapons to the list of already banned assault weapons in Massachusetts.
  • Beyond these measures to strengthen our existing gun control laws, we need to focus more attention and resources on the root causes of violence in our communities: mental health and substance abuse, poverty, income inequality and lack of opportunity. Investments in education, healthcare, job training, and stronger communities is how we will reduce gun violence over the longer-term.



  • Jason knows that an engaged and active electorate is the backbone of a flourishing democracy.
  • Jason supports election reforms that encourage more people to vote, including same-day voter registration, pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds, online voter registration, no-excuse absentee ballots, expansion of early voting, and post-election audits.
  • Jason opposes voter ID requirements that make it more difficult for people to exercise their right to vote.


Ethics and Campaign Finance

  • Jason supports reversing the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that has led to a flood of unregulated money in elections at all levels of government.
  • Jason believes that campaign finances should be tightly regulated and that all money spent in elections should be as transparent as possible.
  • Jason believes we need to hold our public officials to the highest ethical standards.


Government Transparency and Accountability

  • Jason believes that the most effective way to give people confidence in government’s ability to fulfill its promise is to ensure that all levels of government are open, accountable, and transparent.


Animal Protections

  • Jason believes that we need to treat animals humanely and with dignity and will advocate for legislation that achieves those goals.




JL Canvassing with Adam Weldai

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