Senator Lewis Speaking

Senator Lewis is excited to champion a bold legislative agenda for the 2023-2024 legislative session.

Senator Lewis at the Boys and Girls Club

Supporting Working Families and Fighting for Economic Justice

  • Working families are the backbone of our communities – when working families are strong and thriving, so are our communities; we must act to reduce the cost of living and make Massachusetts more affordable for working families.

  • We must tackle unconscionable levels of income and wealth inequality with policies that increase opportunity, equity, and economic mobility for all.

  • We must ensure that the new tax revenues from the Fair Share Amendment are invested in a transparent manner in public education and transportation (and are in addition to existing revenues spent on public education and transportation), while minimizing tax avoidance strategies by high-income households.

  • We must continue to raise the minimum wage closer to a living wage in order to lift more families out of poverty.

  • We must support and strengthen labor unions, and provide a pathway to organizing and collective bargaining for workers like rideshare drivers.

  • We must support greater employment opportunities for people with disabilities and others who have struggled to enter and succeed in the workplace.

  • We must urgently address the affordable housing crisis in our communities, including supporting homeownership programs and allowing municipalities to implement rent stabilization policies.

  • We must do more to close the gender pay gap and make our workplaces more inclusive and equitable for all workers.

  • Click here to view all of the bills I have filed or co-sponsored that support working families and advance economic justice.

Senator Lewis on a construction site
Senator Lewis at a union rally

Providing Quality, Affordable Healthcare for All

Senator Lewis with Planned Parenthood
Senator Lewis at a bill signing for alzheimer’s legislation
  • Access to quality, affordable healthcare should be a basic human right.

  • We must reduce healthcare costs, including prescription drugs.

  • We must improve access to mental healthcare and substance use disorder treatment and recovery.

  • We must do everything possible to defend and expand reproductive rights and freedom.

  • We must address racial and ethnic health disparities.

  • We must focus more on prevention and wellness, targeting the social determinants of health.

  • We must improve access to care and services for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as patients and their families struggling with debilitating conditions, including Alzheimer’s and other dementias, diabetes, PANS/PANDAS, and other conditions.

  • We must support our healthcare workforce, including providing pathways for foreign-trained medical professionals to become licensed in Massachusetts.

  • Click here to view all of the bills I have filed or co-sponsored that advance quality, affordable healthcare for all.

Expanding Educational Opportunity and Equity

  • We must fully implement the Student Opportunity Act so that every child has access to a high-quality public education.

  • We must expand access to high-quality, affordable early education and childcare for all working families.

  • We must re-imagine school and student success, including social-emotional and mental health supports, wraparound services, and new assessment and accountability systems that go beyond standardized test scores.

  • We must increase diversity in our educator workforce, and implement a more inclusive curriculum.

  • We must make public higher education more accessible and affordable, and ensure that students are not forced to graduate with high levels of debt.

  • Click here to view all of the bills I have filed or co-sponsored that expand educational opportunity and equity.

Senator Lewis reading to students at a school
Senator Lewis at the Student Opportunity Act bill signing

Advancing Civil Rights and Social Justice

Senator Lewis in Malden celebrating bilingual ballots
  • Every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and nobody should ever have to face discrimination or fear for their well-being because of who they are.

  • We must tackle systemic racism and promote racial justice in all our policies.

  • We must pursue greater gender and LGBTQ+ equality, as well as advance human rights for other marginalized or disadvantaged groups, including immigrants and people with disabilities.

  • We must pursue greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in our government and all our institutions.

  • Click here to view all of the bills I have filed or co-sponsored that advance civil rights and social justice.

Promoting Environmental Sustainability and Combating Climate Change

Senator Lewis at the ribbon cutting for the Tri-Community Greenway

Improving Transportation and Other Infrastructure

Senator Lewis at Oak Grove station

Strengthening our Democracy

  • We must make it easier to participate in elections and civic life, including implementing same-day voter registration.

  • We must support and encourage greater public participation in government and decision-making, especially among those who have been excluded or marginalized in the past.

  • We must build greater trust in our government and public institutions by improving transparency and accountability.

  • Click here to view all of the bills I have filed or co-sponsored that strengthen our democracy.

Senator Lewis being sworn in